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My journey through the Netherlands has brought this amazing spiritual awakening within my soul. I found the amazing strangers walking within the streets of the Netherlands who have become my friends and I call them my Angels in disguise. Love all of you and the kind hearted welcome you had given this stranger. The kind Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders, whom I bumped into had taken time out of his busy day as he stood with us and talked with us as if we were his best of friends. I will always treasure this kind hearted man forever.

I believe this world is truly a sacred family where we seek peace and serenity, and we find them waiting for us at our doors.

All we must do is open the door and be the first to spread peace to find peace. I found out this truth even within a faraway land where just like her citizens, the land also spreads love and peace throughout this universe. The Dutch have been involved all around this one world trying to spread peace and harmony.

Look up this great nation, Google all about her, you don’t have to travel there but you can sit in your living room and know all of the sacred treasures she but spreads all over this world. Enjoy the pictures of this sacred country as I post them throughout my social media. I am blessed to have taken this sacred journey through the Netherlands. Love you and miss you the Netherlands. Memories, I keep alive throughout my sacred soul. These are some pictures from my trip in the Netherlands, more to come soon.


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