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As the world keeps moving forward, we the inhabitants are forgetting the children of this world. Technology is giving us so much yet did you ever wonder what about the children? Aside from all the positive effects, is it also negatively affecting their intellectual development? Are we moving forward too fast and leaving the children of this world behind?

Have we the adults forgotten the children of this world?

Are we forgetting they don’t need us to give them the answer but let them figure it out like a child? When we ask them to figure it out on the computer, are we not forgetting they will forget the basic learning skills of finding the answers in their own mind? Even if the answer is wrong, at least we could then see how each child is developing in their own way. We can’t mold them like ourselves. Nor can the all knowledgeable computer mold the children like computers. For we need the children to individually grow and mold themselves with their own individuality.

I don’t see children playing in the parks, or playing hopscotch, or flying kites.

Did they say it’s too lame and they are busy with their cell phones, their computers, and playing games on game consoles? All of these are preprogrammed games they just play. It’s a good way to get them moving with technology yet it is also leaving those developing childhoods behind as they are not using their own ideas or thinking abilities but becoming more of a remote control of the game consoles.

Children are not getting to know other children from another race, color, or religion. They are not getting to know their own world through their eyes, but through the eyes of the adult they live with.

Today all around this world, I see the voices of the children are missing.

It’s a reflection of the adults they are with, covered in tainted misconceptions only the adult minds conjure. Children of this world are not themselves but what they see around them. Yet we need them to draw the picture of the world around them with their own imagination, not through our imagination. The children need to grow up knowing other cultures, other races, other nations of this one world as one home.

Do you realize your words are so convincing that the children are closing all the doors to other children around the globe? They don’t share cultural values with one another but try to convince their own world to others. They only are opening doors to what their adults are displaying.

I actually had seen parents who tried to introduce their child to try something new at an international restaurant.

The child had ranted, threw tantrums, and wanted what she was familiar with. That’s when we saw a child from the local country we were visiting had entered and ordered her local dish. The child throwing the temper tantrum followed and agreed to have what the other child was having. They talked and became buddies for the hour long luncheon.

I watched tears had fallen from the parents’ eyes who were overjoyed their child had tried the food. The whole family had a nice meal together. Strange adults could not do something a child so easily had done. This event did happen on one of my trips to Singapore as the temper tantrum child who was refusing to eat was me.

After that event, I never complained about trying new and unknown food.

It was an important lesson I had learned at a very young age I still remember. Today I don’t see children or parents cooking together, trying out international dishes from scratch, but just order what their children like. Cook an international dish by opening a book.

Today children are not trying one another’s dishes. They don’t go and meet international children. Yet today children go to bed with a phone in their hands. They have their computers turned on all day and night. Some are busy playing games on the web. Children as young as two years old know about the computer yet have not touched the pages of a book. They don’t read a book touching the pages.

Instead of a computer game, why not open the pages of a book?

What about letting your imagination wander around the world? Open the door to all the children around the globe, through a book. Maybe through international game boards, learn which country the game had originated from. This way through a book or a board game, you and your child will make a friend across the globe. Try Trouble and Snakes and Ladders. Be a friend and make a friend by sharing a book. Your child must not forget the children of this world. There are other children across the globe who too need a friend like you. Just let them open the globe through the pages of a book.

Time rushes away like the waves of an ocean. We can get a jug and store the water in there for a while. Yet the water will evaporate as water vapors condense to clouds upon the vast skies, and precipitate back to Earth as a miraculous rain shower. The water converts to what it was meant to be.

Similarly, instead of forcing them to be what you want them to be, let them be themselves.

Let the children of this world become new inventors and new superheroes as they wanted to be. Let them believe in miracles and know all miracles are possible as they are the first miracle on Earth.

I ask you, how could a child be just like you if their world is so different? They don’t live in the time zone you grew up in. They live in a computer world where technology teaches them. Yet you can let them borrow something from you and gift them a book. Everything can change but not the mind and expectations of a child. The child needs to open the door and see what’s there by knocking on it, not only through a computer but physically. For computers or technologies won’t give them the personal touch of a human.

Let them read the book, holding on to the book. Not on the computer only. Yes, the computer, the phone, and all technology is good for our society. For we must move forward with time. Yet let’s walk forward with some of the values we were brought up with. Let them have some of our past gifts. Like a newly wedded bride has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Let them have the gift of asking the questions, not always getting the answers. Let them be the technology not be the future prodigy dictated by the technology.

Within your guidance, let them knock on doors and open all the doors themselves to find out this world actually is a fun home, not be afraid to knock in fear this world is only a haunted house.

When they learn to use their own mind, they will find out you can actually learn by just turning the pages of a book. Walk the mile or ride the bus, not letting the car get everything for you. Yes, your computer too has all of this knowledge waiting for you to gift it. Yet if the door is already open, then your mind won’t learn to open the other doors. Touch a book and join the journey with the author. Watch how the stories come to life. Travel through the pages and believe in superheroes. Don’t think there are no superheroes and miracles are not true because everything is in front of you.

Go take your children on adventures and maybe save some endangered species. Then, they will know they are the superheroes who saved an animal. These children will revisit these places and they will retell and recollect how this animal would have been extinct if not for your child.

Yes, you can visit other countries through the pages of a book too, even if you can’t go there.

Through a book, go and get to see other cultures and countries or international landmarks. Touch the pictures and maybe your imagination will take you on a journey through other parts of the world. Quiz yourself and your children. Let your children open their exploring minds through their imagination where they just might make friends through a magical book. By only reading one tonight, you will let your child open his exploring mind tomorrow and all the future generations will benefit from his one action. He will say as a child he had read this adventure in a book with his parents.

I know tomorrow as an adult, the child will travel to those places and maybe help a patient, or be an animal rescuer. Maybe he or she will be a traveling reporter or just a traveler who loves all the countries, people, and places of this one world. Maybe she will be a teacher and teach all the children to see this world as his home, not just his home as the world.

Traveling and buying board games are expensive. It’s easier to let them be on a computer. Yet did you know all of these magical paths a parent can give a child through the pages of a book?

Let the child solve mysteries and know the world is not all full of obstacles because your child will be the solver of problems.

If your child does not open the door to solve the mysteries or help a jaguar prince from my book Enchanted Tales in need, then who will help them? Go and be his friend and help him today as you open the pages of Enchanted Tales with him.

Today, I see all the children around the globe are trying to grow up faster than normal. Yet why the rush? Let the child be a child for a while. The best job or the difficult job that shall define him or her will come in time. They should know, whatever future lays ahead of them, they can solve and be victorious, if only they open the door to solving all the problems themselves. Start to open the minds of a child from the first day of their lives. Don’t open it for them, yet do open it if only they can’t. Then help them try again with patience and positivity like solving a game or reading and following a mystery in a book to solve it.

Reading a book allows their minds to take a leap and open the doors to opportunities. When a child rescues a mermaid or a jaguar prince, they know they too can grow up and be the superheroes their childhood book talked about. If not a mermaid rescuer, maybe a firefighter who rescues a person in distress.

Turning a page of a book teaches them all aspects of life.

If you don’t like something, then just turn the pages. When you do turn the pages, maybe you will see there is another country which you had never heard about, yet you actually are liking it. Just maybe it’s the place you had always wanted to visit, and now you can through the pages of your books. Tomorrow as an adult, the child will know these childhood journeys through the books made them into superheroes. If your child does not like a book, then teach them not to criticize but write one they think they would like to read. Become an author and know it’s all right not to like something but let’s appreciate all the authors for having the courage to write. Let’s not discourage anyone from becoming themselves, but encourage them to become themselves.

I have for all of you written my book of Enchanted Tales.

In this book, your child will learn to trust their friends. They will know as long as you the adult are with them guiding them all throughout their journey, they can safely travel the world. They can learn new cultures, they can try new foods, they can visit new landmarks, and take quizzes while they meet with local superheroes from around the globe to solve mysteries.

Why a book with quizzes, trivia, superheroes, animals, landmarks, international cuisines, and creatures from around the globe?

It’s because I want the children to ask, seek, and knock on the doors. For when they do ask, it’s then they find the answers to the questions themselves. It’s opening their minds while giving them knowledge through their own research. Yes, they could research on a computer yet then they will have less ability to think for themselves as the computer will think for them.

Today as the world has moved forward, I would like all of you to give your child something from the past. A treasure they too will gift their children in the future. Even when everything is being replaced with computers and technology, let the humans and their sense of touching, feeling, and learning from a book not be replaced.

For all the children of this world to believe in one home and one human race, I have written with all my love a book I call,

I ask all the parents to take some time out and maybe for a couple of hours, walk back in time. Give the gift of this book to your beloved children and know this is my blessing for all the children of this world. Read it with them and then they too will read it to their children. The book will be a bond between you, your child, and your grandchild.

When I was in a restaurant trying to have dinner with a couple of my friends, a few of my fans recognized me and told me how much they enjoyed reading my books, the Kasteel Vrederic series, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, and Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. It was not the words of the adults but a very cute and adorable small child whose words remained with me as she had asked, “Do you have a book for children?”

I had told her she could read these books with her parents’ permission. She actually wanted to read my Kasteel Vrederic series. So, when I had come back home, I started to write a book for all the children of this world.

For all of my fans, the adults and the children, I have now included a children’s storybook from the same world of the Kasteel Vrederic series.

This sacred book comes out of the Kasteel Vrederic library with all of your favorite Kasteel Vrederic family members traveling around the globe through the seven continents, with the girl with the lantern and her group. They are busy solving mysteries with all local superheroes from around the globe.

For all of you, I have made this book in all color, in paperback and hardcover. Teach the young children of this world by opening the doors of their minds to this one world, not by closing the doors to the world.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. So I say to all the parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who are going on with your own life today, take a break and think of a child who needs your attention. Remember when you are busy with your life, don’t forget the children of this world.

Sending my love and blessings!

“Enchanted Tales is uniting the one world through its pages.”

Ann Marie Ruby

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