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Today is here. Take a chance and make the best of it. Don’t let it go until you know tomorrow you will have something from it. Remember, even if you wait a thousand years for today to come back, it still will never be back as it’s your gift of a lifetime. Tomorrow is a strange word as some say tomorrow never comes. Yet some of us know tomorrow becomes today as time passes by us. I only wonder how many of us carry the luggage of regrets with us. Don’t let regret become your hand luggage as we cross the bridge of time. Take something from today with you as you cross over to tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow yet don’t forget to live today.

A video of Ann Marie Ruby in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
As a child, I had wondered how nice it would be to live in an amusement park.

Where I could ride the merry-go-round and have a fun day every day, yet my little feet would give up and tiredness and sleep would take over my fun day. I realized at a very young age even though I loved an amusement park, I had at that time loved my own bed and sleep more. So, I chose to go home, have a nice home-cooked meal, and sleep in my own bed.

I was able to keep my memories of the day. That in my eyes was living and enjoying today, yet planning for the future. If I had not rested for the night, I would not have been able to greet dawn the next day with a smile on my face. I also had to share and tell my adventure through the amusement park with my classmates. Children actually know much more than we the adults at times know. Now as an adult, I work all night trying to get another book finished and forget the physical pain I must endure for that. My tired hands need to take a break as my neck and shoulders are tense from overworking.

So, I take a break and know life will go on, with or without any one of us. Yet we must take some time for ourselves today so we can greet the waiting dawn tomorrow. Let your mind, body, and soul rejuvenate today and then tomorrow, you will be yourself once again but with a new perspective and with a new outlook on life. Again, don’t over do it today. Yet don’t stop living today as you keep planning for tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow yet don’t forget to live today.

I had watched my father plan for tomorrow throughout his life.

He would put some of his money into savings for the rainy days. Yet he had always provided and enjoyed his life today. As he had enjoyed his movies tonight, he knew he would go to bed and be ready for whatever tomorrow would bring him. As he had left us way too early, he also had planned for his departure. I must say he never stopped living for today even when he knew his departure time. He was a diabetic and controlled his sugar intake, yet unlike myself he always had cheat days. He would laugh and say, “Well I will walk it off but let me enjoy it for now.”

I know my mother would just let him have his ways as he was a very controlled person who would actually walk it off during his evening walks. Rain or shine, he would walk. I know I am not that determined so I will skip the sweets and just enjoy my substitutes. I know that way, I can actually enjoy my meal guilt free and not worry about the lonely evening walks I dread. It’s not because I don’t like walking. It’s because I dread the lonely walks.

Do I plan for tomorrow?

I must say it’s all perspective, I do plan for tomorrow. I don’t like taking loans or borrowing money which I might or might not be able to pay off. So I only spend what I know I can pay off. Yet is my life a complete balanced weighing machine where I plan for tomorrow and don’t forget to live today? Not always. I do plan for things that don’t always happen . Yet by planning, at least I make some progress in the right direction.

At times, I come and hit a big hurdle I did not plan nor could foresee. Yet I take all obstacles as teachers of life. It’s not easy by any means, but when life places a burden in front of you, it’s then you must stop and think through. It’s then you need to take time out. The storm will pass. At times, ask for direction and help. It’s all right to ask for help. For when you are on a safer ground once again, then you will be the teacher who will guide and help others through your learned lessons of life.

Our trip on Earth is actually the journey of our life. When you get lost on your path, you just change your path. Redirect your way and take a different route. The path will be there as the journey of life continues. Yet it’s we the travelers who must make our own travel experiences through the different turns of life.

Have I stopped living for today by planning for tomorrow?

I have to say no. I always had a feeling, like a flowing river, life too stops at nothing. If we want it or not, Monday will come and the weekend will be over. So, I must have everything ready for Monday yet enjoy my weekend.

I know my pleasures are always measured with safety and affordability. So if I can only enjoy a home-cooked meal, I cook and enjoy it. Or if I can only watch a movie on my television screen, I do that. I pick a movie I like and enjoy my movie and dinner quietly. I don’t need to be in a luxurious restaurant or hotel with a beach and music to enjoy my evening, I can do it my way.

Today I can enjoy what I have on my plate, yet plan for tomorrow to have a quiet night on the beach. Tomorrow will come on its own time. I will plan for it through the journey of my life. I will meet up with it when I can. Until then I will enjoy my television movie nights with a nice home-cooked meal.

I won’t give up on my hope for tomorrow, as some of you say, tomorrow never comes. I believe it does come, yet will you recognize it when it does?

You see hope comes back from being a dream to reality after we manifest it.

Hope changes its name and comes to us as it thinks is best for us. It’s you who must recognize it for the gift basket that arrived as hope changes its name and lands upon the callers after the manifestations have been completed.

The names you called her have been changed as the lanes and the paths changes. The routes are rerouted yet will somehow take you to your destination. When you do eventually land at your destination, don’t forget it’s your manifestation. Maybe a little different or maybe something you were happy with but did not expect or did not want, yet it’s here to be your path. Get on it and reroute to where you want to go next.

Plan for the future but don’t stop living. Life is a journey where we are all the travelers.

I had written a prayer song I call “The Travelers” in my book Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest in which I had said nothing will stop me from moving forward.

For I will not stop to pick up wrong nor will I criticize or judge the wrongdoers. Yet I will not fall prey, as I know my destination. I have planned my destination. How I get there is the journey through my life.

My advice is know where you want to be. Don’t let any physical, emotional, or financial obstacles stop you. For if you are on the right path and you are doing no wrong, then whatever you get from your preplanned destination is your destination. Accept it and don’t stop dreaming about your future destination.

Dreams are just that dreams. Make it your reality.

Yet don’t forget to live through your planning as each day is a new dawn. You live through it to the fullest with dreams of the future in your heart.

I had a dream of a woman who had a jug full of water. She was extremely happy she had a jug filled with water when water was scarce. Yet she did not drink all of it up in a day. She left enough of it for another day, so if she could not journey to the faraway river to get another jug full of water, she would have enough for the next day. She lived happily on that day knowing she had enough for the future too.

My advice is if you don’t have enough money, skip the vacation and have a nice and quiet time at home. If you can’t afford to go out, have a meal at home. If you can’t afford the rent, let your friends know and with help you will be on your feet, maybe with some support and in your new home filled with happiness soon. Your hope for the future will happen with planning today. Live today in joy and laughter without taking away from the future.

These days I know everyone has emotional, financial, and physical, challenges that take away so much more than we can afford to give.

Yet somehow within distress, or sadness and grief, we cross over the dark night through hope. I know tomorrow will come and become your today. So through all the obstacles of life, smile a little and live a little and say with me, “It’s all right.”

Don’t ever give up on hope as with the sun shining upon you tomorrow or the next day, hope too will come and knock on your door. It’s yours to have if you only accept it. So from today, look out for hope as you and you alone manifest it through your positive calls. Don’t give up on it and don’t stop living through positivity. Watch and see how you will manifest good and positive things to you through calling on your own positive thoughts. Make tomorrow your today, through planning it your own way. Remember to live today though love and laughter even though you might be sad today. Being happy is hard but thinking of tomorrow and living today to the fullest will make you smile and you will find that happiness too is back smiling at you.

After you walk out of your obstacles, remember your journey.

Recall that you were the traveler who had traveled through the storms of life rerouting your paths. You the traveler have upon your hands a gift that will never come back. It’s known as today. So today, as you have landed upon your new destination, plan for tomorrow yet don’t forget to live today.


Ann Marie Ruby


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