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A lot of nights I had feared the unkind words of the unkind critical voices. To say or not to say. Do I write about it publicly or not? As I saw how my prayer books and my quotation books had helped so many, I decided to be brave and not fear the blistering mouths of the critics. I decided to finally stand on my own feet. I stood with my own words and my thoughts, not the others’. So I called on my best friends, courage, truth, and my honor. I finally in 2017, published my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. In this book, I had written about some of the prophetic dreams I had seen. Today as I watched the news, I saw two of my chapters from this same book have come true. The prophetic dreams are hard to express. My fear is always to say or not to say.

The fear is of the unjust minds judging you with blistering words of the arrogant and unkind comments.

I knew comments would just come in saying in a book format why they don’t like it. I remembered my father had told me, people will always say about all books that they could have written it better or it’s not their kind of book or dreams or just say I don’t believe you. So I remained quiet yet steadfast and had just published my book in 2017. I did bravely write some of what I was hesitant to say.

One of the dreams was very strange. I had seen a lab, near a fish market, and a virus similar to Dengue or something that had spread around the world. I knew the virus spread from a animal similar to rats. Yet I had known the virus was lab created! I was praying to my Lord for I saw death was the result that came out of this human-made virus. The world was a spreading ground for a virus we were not able to eradicate.

Later on after I published my book I saw how there would be vaccines created for this virus. They would be administered in doses.

I wrote my book in 2017. I wrote about the vaccines on my website, before the vaccines were invented. Without fear, I had written all of this on my blog. I told all on my social media pages. Yet people said, “You think you are a psychic?” In fear of all the empty vessels that make loud noises, I kept quiet as there were too many people criticizing yet in 2019 we saw how many lives we had lost. I did ask myself why the negative voices sound so loud and all the kind voices are unheard and silent.

Yet today all over the world, you can see my dreams have come true. It took three years for you all to realize what I had seen on one very frightening dark night, the truth, you all are seeing it in your own living room through your television sets. You could keep me quiet by making unjust statements and giving green faces for just sharing a dream. Yet today, why don’t you ask yourself, but why did you unjustly criticize a human being who just wanted to help you and your family and friends, by standing alone for the truth?

Dreams are real.

They are given to only guide us, not to take us astray! Remember all of you who go to churches, mosques, temples, or any religious places to practice your own religion your own way, religions were given to us for guidance through dreams.

If you don’t believe, don’t become the first to throw the stone at me. For today we have so many gravestones all over the world which could have been prevented if we could have stopped the spread of a human-caused virus. Maybe this was caused unintentionally.

Another dream I had written about was a deadly disease. I assumed it was similar to AIDS and it was spreading from the mother to the child. Today I saw on the television, it actually has started to happen. Today something is causing a mother to spread a kind of STD to her child somehow.

These are dreams I had wanted to be left in the dreamland. I wished they never came true. Yet they have. Like I had said in my book, dreams are guidance from the beyond. We should all pay heed to them and not ignore them. For what if the dreamer was being shown these dreams for a reason?

It comes down to the fear of the unkind vicious voices of the loud mouths who only try to put everyone down.

They stop even people like myself from saying my own words. I fear should I say or not say. Remember scientists have proven dreams are true callings shown to us from the beyond. People in the past and people in the future and like myself in the present will see dreams given to us as a gift.

No, I am not a psychic who can see a person and knows their past, present, or future. I am blessed to be able to see some things in my dreams. I can’t solve anything or help anyone not even myself through these dreams. Yet I can guide you and me through these dreams.

To all of you who saw my book trailer and had targeted me and sent me unkind words, I only say today you too see what I had seen in my dream. Yes, I did say the truth as it stands as my witness in front of all of you today, as they stood in front of me on a very lonely night.

My advice to all is don’t be the first one to throw the stone as you don’t know when this stone might become the boomerang which will fly back at you.

Be kind to all and if you can’t say anything kind or good, just don’t say it. Know that it’s easy not to say any harsh words. Just keep a smile. Say only good words and kind words.

Today the world is actually the unkindest place historically possible to be in. In this time zone, people don’t see any other person but themselves. It’s like they only see themselves, not the people all around them. They criticize authors on their books, they criticize actors on movie sets, they criticize singers with their songs, they criticize people on their looks. Yet I wonder if these critics knew the Lord created humans not you the critic, and they are beautiful in the eyes of the beholders. Remember constructive criticism is good yet when you criticize to put the person down, it’s not constructive but hurtful and wrong. My mantra is, I won’t criticize even my critics as I won’t put you down even if you put me down.

Maybe today you can see and feel the pain of all the lost lives around the globe.

Maybe then you will say but why did we allow this to happen. Yet if you have lost humanity, then none of this will affect you. If you have some humanity left inside of you, then you will think how did this all happen?

Stand up for the right path. Please let the words that come from your inner soul be kind and be grateful. Do not be a critic unless you know wrong was done in front of you and it was then you had remained quiet.

What do you say when a person has been trying to guide you with one night’s dream and you all closed the book on her?

I say open the book. Read the blog post where I talked about this more as I did not have the courage to talk about all of it in fear in my book. All of this was years ago, before I realized my dreams were going to become true in the daylight hours as my proof in front of all of you.

I feel strange as I see today my one night’s dreams have come in front of all of you through scientific proof. Like I said in my books, I try to find scientific proof before I say anything. Lonely and lost I was as I wrote without any proof. Today I do have my proof again through scientific revelations that have caused the troubles this world faces. The scientific scholars too gave us the cure. I hope and pray the scientific scholars did not cause this mishap, as I had seen it was a scientific research that had gone wrong, that had caused this. I am grateful we have more scientists who are now trying to fight through this one wrong and get it right and save lives.

Today I can say the virus I saw in my dreams was true as the scientists have proven it to be true.

Today I can say the two dreams I had written before they were even a thing on Earth did come true as proven through the scientific scholars.

It’s a fact that what I had seen in my dreams was actually maybe happening at that time. It’s strange as I look back and think was I witnessing the events in my dreams. They were being researched in a lab near a fish market.

I only say let’s not close the doors on all dreamers for dreams are given to us for guidance. Differentiating prophetic dreams from just wishful or fearful thoughts is not easy but time will be your proof. I know we all see dreams and some are just wishful thoughts. Some are our fears that haunt us in our dreams. Yet learn to differentiate between them.

I ask all of you to keep a diary of your dreams. Don’t ever panic if you see something fearful because dreams are complicated and at times are just our own fears.

At times they are real, but they take time to become real. I had explained all of it again in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. I have written about the scientific, religious, and spiritual thoughts on dreams in my book.

You can find the trailer on Youtube by clicking here

Get the book by clicking here

I only hope you the blistering critic don’t stop anyone else from speaking the truth and let them wonder, to say or not to say!

Love and blessings!

Don’t be a critic as the wagon of time might come back through the wagon of karma and let your own words be your own critic.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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