Life on this day, on this Earth is a blessing filled with obstacles and hurdles.

What happens when we are but faced with obstacles, and see no shore around the corner?

I have awakened within this poisonous ocean where I saw no shore within sight. I knew at any cost within this stage of my life, I must keep floating, holding on to faith as my ark, and prayers as my oar. All along this journey, I had always believed after the dark night’s struggles, dawn shall break through. I assured myself, I must learn to swim through this dark, cold, starless night where all I had as my support was my faith in my Lord first and myself next.

I knew at any cost with faith, justice, and honor, I will keep on swimming through this poisonous river of life. Therefore, I had no fear in anything as I knew at all times, my Lord was there.

My love for my Lord is above all the obstacles of life. I knew this life is filled with all kind of hurdles and all of these are but teachers of life. Maybe my obstacles and hurdles are but lessons for others to overcome the obstacles of life. My sole belief is, if I the human could live a life to be the guide, the teacher the bridge of security, and support for even one unknown human, then I consider my life to be a blessed journey.

This sacred journey through the cold poisonous river is but a blessing if we could even save one single soul.

May we know this journey is only possible as we first have complete faith in our Lord and then complete faith in ourselves, and last but not least, faith in all humans as we carry within our souls, humanity for all sacred souls of this one world.

Be there for one and all through your most powerful tool, given to humans, I but call my pen and paper.

I have taken all my love for all humans and hope to awaken one at a time within the love of humanity.

Walk with me and awaken yourself first and it is then you shall awaken all around you. Do not fear the cold poisonous oceans of life, for remember dawn breaks through after the dark night’s sky and within this period, hold on to the hands of faith. Never let life put you down for you are the one this life is all about. You write your own journal of life. Turn the pages through this journal and at all times, hold on to your pen. As the ink dries and the next passenger traveling the same path finds your handwritten caution notes, they will be saved by your words of wisdom.

Life is a true blessing and we travel time as we watch the future walk upon the same path within our guidance. Be there for one and all, eternally throughout time.

Blessings from Seattle,

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